Standard Room

Comfortable and cozy rooms with modern facilities. An attached bath, geysers for hot water and a sit-out. All three rooms are in the main building.They are different in terms of appearance, styling and space. Maximum of three people can be accommodated in each room


Family Cottage

Acosy independent cottage with 2 double beds and 2 bathrooms. Geyser fitted for hot water and an independent sit-out.An ideal choice for families.


Deluxe Room

A large and spacious room with all modern facilities. Sitting area inside the room and a large sit-out too. An attached bathroomwith geyser fitted for hot water.


Tree House

Two rooms built around two trees on stilts and a bridge that connects the rooms…makes the Tree Houses. The rooms have all modern facilities, including an attached bathroom, geyser for hot water.We forgot to mention, staying here increases your chances of spotting wildlife like deer, elephants, leopard, bear,etc.



A structure built on solid steel stilts;Level 1 is a double occupancy room with an attached bath (geyser fitted). A 360-degree view of the entire area (forests and Nilgiris) and the best spot on the property for wildlife sighting/photography (Tiger, Leopard, Elephants, Gaur, Spotted deer and innumerable birds species)- that’s Level 2 for you.



Large independent room, 10 beds, 2 attached bathrooms with modern facilities makes the Dormitory an ideal choice for large families, group of boys/girls who want to stay together.